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The LIbrary’s Legal Answers for Makerspaces




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128 pages
Year Published: 2016

Library makerspaces are truly transformative, inviting library users to create, innovate, and collaborate. But like any cutting-edge initiative, makerspaces also bring up a host of new and unique legal questions. In this first-of-its-kind e-book, three legal experts deliver detailed and reliable answers in plain language for library managers and staff, along with legal citations. Organized in Q & A format for quick reference, this concise resource offers sound advice on such issues as

  • key clauses to look for when evaluating insurance coverage;
  • American with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance;
  • how copyright applies to 3-D printing, plus guidance for handling controversial output such as sex toys or swastikas;
  • parental release forms for minors;
  • what trademark law has to say about action figures and logos;
  • how to protect the library from secondary infringement claims; and
  • avoiding negligence lawsuits.

Untangling the knotty legal questions surrounding makerspaces, the authors’ straightforward answers will empower libraries to use makerspaces to foster a true sense of community.

Note that this title is not available in a print edition.

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