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digital-info-law-legal-trainingFree Learning Resources

We know that you have lots of questions about the law, and we are here to either answer them or help you find the answers! We have created the resources offered here to address some of the questions and misunderstandings we hear most frequently.

digital-info-law-legal-trainingDigital Information Law Learning Store

The Digital Information Law Learning Store offers a range of tools and resources to help you learn about and keep up to date with copyright and other legal issues important to the digital world. Here you can register for online workshops (live, with archived recordings), download recorded workshops, purchase books (hard copy and e-books), and more.

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digital-info-law-legal-trainingLive Workshop Archives

Registrants of Digital Information Law’s live online workshops may stream archived recordings by clicking on the workshop title below and entering the password you were sent following each session.

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digital-info-law-legal-trainingQ&A Connect Archives

Q&A Connect is a unique service giving you an opportunity each month to participate in live discussions with copyright expert Gretchen McCord and have your specific questions answered directly. Subscribers can access archived recordings here.

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