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Free Learning Resources

We know that you have lots of questions about the law, and we are here to either answer them or help you find the answers!

We created this Free Learning Resources section of the Digital Information Law website to provide you with free resources addressing many of the questions and misunderstandings we hear most frequently. For additional educational materials and opportunities, check out our current offerings of online workshops (live and self-paced), publications, and more in the Learning Store, or contact us directly to discuss customized training or legal services to meet your needs.

digital-info-law-legal-trainingPublications and Websites

View online publications answering common questions about copyright law, including how fair use assessments are made.

digital-info-law-legal-trainingStreaming Workshops and Presentations

Stream full-length recordings of our free live, online workshops on topics including copyright for educators and librarians, how to protect your works, and how to maximize your brands.

digital-info-law-legal-trainingVideo Clips

Gretchen McCord is a highly-praised public speaker on the complexities and challenges of copyright law. View excerpts of some of Gretchen ‘s most popular public-speaking engagements.

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