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digital-info-law-legal-trainingTRAINING AND EDUCATION

Gretchen designs workshops addressing a wide range of issues in the fields of copyright and privacy law, tailored to meet your organization’s needs, based on time, format, and budget. All workshops are interactive and include opportunities during the workshop for participants to apply what they have learned to real-life situations.

digital-info-law-legal-trainingPublic Speaking

Gretchen is an accomplished, energizing, and articulate public speaker, having spoken to groups of all sizes, from intimate gatherings of a dozen to conference audiences of several thousand.Previous topics include copyright; privacy; leadership; the future of the digital information world; and the future of the information profession.

digital-info-law-legal-trainingLegal Services

Gretchen assists businesses, educational institutions, non-profits, and individuals in protecting their copyrights and trademarks, legally and safely using the works of others, and  complying with applicable privacy laws, including preparing and implementing appropriate policies and procedures.

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